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problems converting idw's to autocad formats


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Hey guys, so I'm converting some IDWs to AutoCAD format, and when they go to open them dimensions are not showing up and some other things are jumbled about. I even opened them up in my AutoCAD and purged several times, and re saved them into DXFs and AutoCAD DWGs. Am I missing a step or something? What can I give them so they can just dimension it in their title block? STEP file?

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How are you "converting" from IDW to DWG? From within Inventor? If so...


Have you looked into the "Options..." button at the bottom of the "Save Copy As" dialog box? If you click that, and then "Next", you'll see an option for "Mapping Options", which launches yet another window. On the second tab of that window ("General" tab under "Mapping Options" pop-up) is an option for either creating dimensions or exploding them. We do this all the time where I work, turning IDWs into DWGs for vendors and it's more or less painless. I'll often fix the DWG because dimensions might not line up anymore or minor things like that.


However, when you say "what can I give them so they can just dimension it in their title block?" it sounds like you might want the geometry only option. This is on the second page of the original "Options..." IDW-to-DWG dialog box. On the left is a check box for exporting geometry only. We do this a lot as well to convert to DXF for our plasma machine, it gets geometry only.

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