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How do I grab items from one drawing but NOT all the styles?


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I want to copy/paste some items from one job into another job. I have reverted everything to layer 0 and there is no text at all in the items I am copying. When I bring it into the other drawing, all the text styles have come with it, which I do not want.


I have tried to run 'purge' to get rid of them, and it doesn't work. If I try to deleter any of the text styles, it says they are in use (which they are not, since the new drawing has no text in it yet.... I am creating a new template and it is 100% devoid of text so far).


What am I doing wrong?

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Welcome to CADTutor envisionman. :)


Despite the fact that there is no Text, nor Tables, nor entities, there are still designated settings in that DataBase, such as Current Text Style, Current DimStyle, current Table Style, etc. That is why those things (or rather styles) you don't want are coming along for the ride, because they are designated as being active/set current in the original drawing.


Those extra styles need to be purged out of the original drawing, if they are not in use.

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The existing drawing has about 50 text styles (due to the fact that the previous design team imported tons of drawings and it absorbed every text style). No matter what I copy to the new drawing, all 50 styles go with it. How do I avoid this, so my new template is clean?


I tried purging the old drawing, but all styles are in use. It is a major mess.

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This is similar to DGN bloat, and I can sympathize, very annoying.

If you open the file in Autocad 2016 or 2017, and use the Purge command, there is a very high likelyhood that it may recognize all that as orphaned data, and delete it.


Oh wait a minute, Blackbox posted a lisp of his recently, which should be able to do this realtime.

I will look for a link, and add it to this post in a few minutes.




Thanks Blackbox! :beer:


This is the previous thread, in which Blackbox posted that link http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?97622-2-identical-drawings-one-is-17-times-heavier-why&highlight=Blackbox , in post #13. You may find additional useful information by looking over the thread.

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Open Design Center, navigate to the source drawing, drag and drop the content you need.



It's a little tedious if you've got a lot of content to copy.

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