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Filling borders. . with a face?


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I created this object:




I created the highlighted face with the Cap command in the Border menu under the Editable Poly modifier. But it seems like I cannot edit it any further... I am unable to move, rotate or scale it properly. When I try to move it downwards on the z axis for example it looks like this:




Is there a way to create a face on a Border that behaves properly?



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I think you forgot to post the images? :unsure:


I actually did put them in the post, but the forum is extremely bugged for me at the moment, I don't know why :/ I got an error message everytime I wanted to start that topic and in the end nothing was created, I am actually surprised that the topic is here now haha. Funny is after I edited my post to put the missing images in, I cannot see my starting post any longer. But well, hopefully it works for you guys.

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