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Tagging answers for private use from this forum


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Is there a way to save info to my account profile to find answers I've searched or received for later reference or is the process just to search for it again later or add tags?


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You could do what I do. When I see an answer that I like I just copy/paste it to a Word document that I save under the title "CADTutor Q&A". Sometimes I'll even copy/paste the URL to the thread to my document.

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If you click on your name, in the upper right corner of your screen, you will be taken to your main profile page. You can then choose to find all your posts or find all the threads you have started. But the list of posts and threads can start getting pretty long after a while, so the best way would probably be what ReMark suggested. Copy and paste to a Word document.


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You can also 'subscribe' to any threads you want to keep a note of. (Not just your own threads and posts).


At the top right of the thread you will see a menu option 'Thread Tools'.

Click on this, and then on 'Subscribe to this thread'.

You can choose to get notifications if someone adds a new post, and if you want to save the subscription into a folder to help organise them.


To see you subscriptions go to your settings (top right of the page) and on the right you will see the subscription options.

Opening this will let you see threads you have subscribed to and manage them, (change notifications, delete, move to folder, etc).

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