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Plotting Latitude and Longitude in Vanilla ACAD 2014


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OK, so I'm an experienced CAD user but have never had to do anything but draw by metes and bounds before, so I need some direction here.


I am trying to draw the location of a proposed driveway in vanilla AutoCAD 2014 in such a way that I can bring it into QGIS and/or Google Earth and lay it right in to where it will be in real life. This is just an exhibit for a developer to approve a cross-access driveway, so it doesn't have to be precise or pretty. Here's what I (think I) know so far:


- drawing units have to be set to metric

- coordinate system of the other data I'm using from the local COG is Texas Central State Plane (UTM14)



What else do I need to do to get started?

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In civ3d its a bit easier, but we have a little program that converts lat/long into MGA zone 55 which we use. As its a small size project you could do a local 2 point translation, move then rotate matching the 2 new pts. The other way is just use "Align" its a bit rough but quick and no thinking.

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1. WBLOCK out linework as a dxf.

2. Create vector layer from dxf in QGIS.

3. When prompted for coordinate system, find texas state plane in list.

4. Right-click on newly created layer in list and save as KML.

5. Import into google earth.

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