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Too many problems for such a simple drawing...


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I'm familiar with creating assembly drawings in SolidWorks, but AutoCAD is a different animal. This layout looks hideous. Why won't my dashed lines and dimensions show in the second viewport? And even if they did, I don't think the annotative dimstyle is doing anything. And no matter what I do, the layout won't plot in monochrome.ctb; the lines still have their colors. And does anyone have advice on how to make this look more professional?



A tremendous THANK YOU to anyone willing to help me with this. I think it's clear I officially have no idea what I'm doing.

Delta Bracket_upload.dwg

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Re: dashed lines. You have the DASH layer frozen in your second viewport that's why they did not show up.


Re: Annotative dimstyle. Could it be that you have only one annotative scale assigned to your dimensions instead of two?


Re: not plotting in black and white. I haven't checked yet but did you assign a True Color to any of the layers? True Colors will plot in the assigned color even if you select Monochrome as your plot style.


Update. Well as it turns out you did not assign any True Colors. Good. Now for the better news. To fix the problem first activate the Properties Palette. Next, click on the viewport to activate it. Now look on the Properties Palette under the heading Misc for the Shade plot option. Using the scroll arrows find and click on Legacy Hidden. Click anywhere outside of the viewport to deactivate it. Start the Plot command and after setting your plot parameters click on the Preview button. The contents of both viewports should be displayed in black and white. Now go ahead and print your drawing.


A couple of suggestions re: your drawing in general.


1. Put your viewports on their own layer and set the layer to "no print" in the Layer Properties Manager.

2. Lock your viewport displays so that the scale won't be inadvertently changed as you switch between model space and your layout.


Question: Why are the bolts drawn in 2D but everything else is 3D?

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So, were you able to get your drawing straightened out and finally printed the way you want?


Sorry for the late response. Yes, I got the drawing to a much better place. It's behaving more how I want it to now. And I can't believe I didn't notice the DASH layer was frozen. I don't even know how it got there. But anyway, it's all better now.


The bolts are in 2D because some of them were from a 2D drawing. I should probably just make new 3D ones.


Thank you so much for your very detailed response!

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