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Autocad 2017 Parent View and Projections not updating

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Good Morning all.


i have created a model and progressed to making a parent base view and from that projections. i have broken the alignment of the projections to fit them into my title block.


however the parent view and the projections do not update to show the changes that have been made in model space , instead the areas where the items should be are blank.


i have tried using the updated views, i tried the notification on the bottom right corner , which tell me all the views are updated.

if i try use the update views from the ribbon , i cannot select a view to update, the cursor just says as a pick box.


i have check all layers are thawed and all are visible.


i have found that if i bring in a new base view that view is updated and fine.

see the attached images for a example.

as you will notice the hand railing, cat ladder, piping and pump are not shown in the views but are in the model


im not certain how to progress now, and i am not keen on redoing all my views.


any ideas as to what i can do to get these items to update ?

model space.jpg


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okay i have sorted it out.

i had deleted the base view, preventing any updates from happening

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