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Convert spline to line


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Dear All,


Do you have any idea how can I convert this type of spline to a "normal" line?

I think I get it from Inventor or Mechanical...

I cant explode or extend, or add chamfer. Totaly useless!


Please help if you can!

Thank You!



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Yes, you have right.

I can convert with the splinedit command and I will have a linbe with thousends of points.


But I need a "normal" line with two endpoints and a middle point. Is it possible somehow?

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Yes. Create a new layer (different color) and make it current. Then start the Line command and pick the endpoint furthest to the left followed by picking the endpoint furthest to the right. Erase the original 856 line segments.


I don't know of a magic command that will convert 856 line segments (derived from a spline that was converted to a lightweight polyline then exploded) into a single line with two endpoints and one midpoint.

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