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Weld Display Issue...


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(I am using SW 2013 per job standard)


I placed a fillet weld between two pieces of metal and the weld comes

in as a cylinder rather than a 90 degree representation like one would expect.




I have tried all sorts of combinations in the settings with no desirable results..




Can anyone shed some light on how to get a more accurate representation for my fillet weld?


There was nothing about this in the weldment exam!!





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2 things. There are two types of weld beads. A fillet weld actually makes a solid and its more of a legacy feature they left there. The "weld bead" is differenr and what you have. Its not a physical weld but a graphic representation. Its always a cylinder. Graphically it doesnt look great but its appropriately sized and has tons of data that gets sent to the 2s drawing for callouts and weld tables.


If you want a physical looking weld use a "fillet weld" but note this isnt prefered and doesn't bring anything valuable to your drawing.

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