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How to draw lines/polylines in a specific linetype scale everytime?

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I am keen to know more eldon. How did you get the measurements for HIDDEN2? I certainly gain a better understanding.


Once you understand how linetype definitions work simply adding needed linetypes so you can leave all the linetype scales at 1 will make your life easier. To edit acadiso.lin enter "start" at the command line, then "acadiso.lin". Do not enter the "".


For a simple linetype the second line is called the linetype pattern and simply moving the decimal point one place for each number will scale the linetype by 10.


Take a look at http://help.autodesk.com/view/ACD/2017/ENU/?guid=GUID-5A6E6759-8A9A-4A8A-9AEE-EE9DB72F792D

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Like tombu we have some linetypes that are just the same pattern but at different spacing, just copied the original, gave new name and halved the values. ELEC & ELEC2. Allows us to have a "E" on long and short lines.

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