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There may be but I have never looked, there are dwt templates these have all the correct settings for say metric v's imperial.


A title block will generally be a block with attributes. The attributes would be description, job number, sheet number, date etc You may want to have a company logo.


This is why I suggested you create your own.


Now size, put your title block in paperspace it must be slightly smaller than the actual sheet size this is called hard clip limit. As a minimum allow, I am metric 15mm all round, our title block for A1 is 813 x 544 outside square.


I prefer to not post my company one. I am sure others will post a sample for you.


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If the name of the template file contains the word "arch" or "mech" then it has a title block.


Most users will either design their own title block and border or borrow one which they will then edit to suit their needs.


I'm pretty sure that AutoCAD Electrical has at least one template file that has a title block.

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You don't say if you are using Metric or Imperial, but-


Attached below is a .zip containing a set of metric borders in .dwt format.

A0, A1, A2, A3, A4L, & A4P


There is also a .dwg that explains a quick way to modify them with your own logo etc.


I did these some years ago and have kept them simple.

I did them as rev.2000 files so that even those with older Acad versions will be able to use them.

(The instructions on altering them or adding your logo also reflect how to do it with older versions).


Unzip them into a suitable folder, call it TEMPLATES perhaps, then add this new folder to your search paths (TOOLS>OPTIONS>FILENAMES)


Use the 'NEW - USE A TEMPLATE' command to load a template into your autocad session as the base for a new drawing.


They have lots of layers, dimension style scales, etc included. The larger sizes have parts list and tolerance blocks.


Anybody is FREE to download them, use them, alter them, add your logo, just do what you want with them.




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Like any version of AutoCAD when you start a new drawing the program will default to the last template used but the user has the option to select another template using the down pointing arrow where the template name appears then scroll through the list of available templates.

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Have a look in c:\program files\Autodesk\autocad 2016\elec\uderdataCache\template


The \elec\ is probably not right I have \C3D\ for civil 3d


When you do "new" it should default to a small list of DWT's.


Once you find the one you want you can use CONFIG Files to set the details for your dwt's in the screen shot ours are on the server.

Screen Shot 01-23-17 at 12.02 PM.PNG

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Like any version of AutoCAD when you start a new drawing the program will default to the last template used.


That is interesting, I didn't know that, thanks ReMark! :beer:

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