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A question on binding clipped xrefs

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Is it possible to bind a clipped xref, and then explode it without it loosing its clipped boundaries?



Please correct me if I've been doing something wrong in this process (or if it's impossible!):


I've been binding a clipped xref, which is then stored in the drawing as a block, keeping to its clipped lines. But if I want to explode it, it goes back to being the whole drawing from which it came, rather than the little section that I was after. :?



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tedg posted on Feb-29-08 in the AutoCAD 2008 General froum at the AUGI website the following in answer to a similar question:


"...That's what I'm saying, if you bind the xrefs with the "insert" option, they are inserted as blocks and remain clipped. Then you can edit the blocks using "refedit" and you wouldn't need to explode them."


I can't tell you if it works or not since I do not use xrefs. Someone else recommend using the Express Tools EXTRIM command to trip all linework outside of the clipping boundaries. It's another option worth exploring.




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Thanks ReMark, I just found the thread.


Ok, so essentialy it's not directly possible, but there are ways round it.


In Microstation I used this frequently, I just assumed it would be possible in AutoCAD too. I've done a few searches and found other ex-Microstation users frustrated that it wasn't possible :cry:


Do AutoCAD users not get frustrated that it isn't possible to do this? Or is it just because I have a Microstation brain :lol:

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I guess Mr. Alex that Microstation user brains are just wired differently that those of AutoCAD users. But don't worry, we won't hold that against you. Please stick around.

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