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Fire Fighting Program

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OUTSTANDING Tharwat, that is really sweet! :)


I have no use for it in my work, but I am downloading it anyway, I am quite sure there are lots of forum members who will find it incredibly helpful!

Why don't you put it on the Autodesk Exchange App Store?

Looks like it could be a real money maker to me!


It also makes a very nice calling card, feather in your cap, when interviewing for a new job, a potential employer would be quite impressed.

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Dadgad, Thank you for the nice words and for your kind feedback.


I am really glad that you liked the program and yes I tried before adding one of my MEP programs to AutoDESK App Store but it seems that it was a bit complicated to me in that time to pass my first App but I think it does worth another try very soon.


Many thanks again for your reply.:thumbsup:

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Excellent work!


Similar to Dadgad, I'm not the user who would use it frequently although can see it being handy every now and again. I don't do much fire service design where the entire pipe design is drawn like that (I'm not a fire engineer/pipe designer though) although I do on occasion do fire hydrant & fire hose reel design. One extension of the program which would be handy for those who on occasion do fire hydrant & fire hose reel pipe design would be if you could have (and save to a text file etc) some settings defined and define your pipe type, pipe friction loss & friction loss factors for various fittings (e.g. bends, stop valves etc).


If the program could then sum up the hydraulic friction losses along the pipe and provide a quick summary/output (e.g. Xm of head loss along the pipes & fittings from the start point to the end point) then I could see that being useful for quite a lot of people (and quicker than doing by hand). It would be handy (not sure if possible with lisp) if you could dynamically pick and choose (like a dynamic block etc) and change the pipe size also from say 25mm dia. to 32mm dia. etc after you have already drawn the pipe.


Where I can see this being useful also is in wastewater/water treatment & sewer pump station design (which I do about one of a year). It would be handy if you could use both socketed pipes/fittings & flanged pipes/fittings if you wanted to make it a more general program. Looking at the last sewer pump station I done you would need (in addition to the blocks already there), 300 & 250mm dia. pipe, fittings for stop valves, reflux valves, flange flange adaptor, socket flange adaptor, puddle flange, thrust blocks etc. Obviously the list of various components that everyone would potentially use is vast.


I see that the program is dynamic in that the fittings work 'smart' for the current pipe diameter/run of pipe.


My main suggestion though would be to give more control to the user so that they can add their own blocks (e.g. stop valves as mentioned above) if possible; obviously without the same 'smartness' which would require more skill of the user to ensure they use a compatible fitting.

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Thank you Organic for your inputs and feedback.


Actually adding more blocks ( fittings ) to the program should need more codes to control them to be as dynamic as the other fittings that are included with the program as well.


And with regards to friction loss, I think a separate program could be written for such a task to sum up these factors (if that value is static) from every piece of Pipe/fittings that is being selected from the user.


Changing pipe sizes dynamically is something that I have thought of but I did not consider it since it requires somehow lots of codes to work around it and the main Pipe block should be modified as well to have a visibility parameter to make it working with the program.



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Congratulations Tharwat, great news!

I haven't checked it out yet, but very happy for you, thanks for sharing. :)


Thank you Dadgad. :)


Its too kind of you to say that.



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