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Some General 3D Questions

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I am still getting used to using AutoCad MEP 3D and had the following questions;


1. A lot of my projects involve 2D Architectural drawings. Is it best practice to set the floor plan at level 0 on the Z axis and then model duct based off the floor plan being at the RL?


2. With the 3D model and wanting to plot it in a viewport, what are the best settings to make it look nice and realistic? On my drawings, I need to plot the 2D view and sections (which I am ok with), as well as a viewport containing a 3D model.


3. Does anyone know a good location with video tutorials on this?



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1. Yes.


2. Not sure exactly what you're asking, but shouldn't you want to leave it as a 2D linework look for your documentation drawings?


3. Not really, AutoCAD MEP never grabbed hold in the community enough to produce a community-wide user base to supply such things as tutorials, but there are some decent books on Amazon you can find that will really help you out.


Last note, look into getting familiar with Revit MEP; the industry has really shifted over to this platform for 3D/BIM related MEP work.



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Thanks for your reply!


1. Thanks for the clarification


2. I create plan views, sections and detail layouts. These are for construction. I want to start showing some 3D views as a visual aide to help give an overall picture of what is going on. Especially in places like congested plant rooms. I cannot seem to work out how to get the 3D views to look and plot nice, like the 2D views.


3. Revit - I understand that the industry is heading this way. I have done my best to resist it though as I just feel that Revit is so clunky and cumbersome. I really dislike the program to be honest. On another note, I cannot justify the cost of it with the projects that I work on. I tend to have a niche with small to medium projects. I won't rule Revit totally out though. I will look into it again at some stage.


I only just worked out how to use the "Flatshot" command (ha, ha - what a loser I am)

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For good, clean 3D Isometric views, you can use the HIDE command while the Viewport is active when you're in Paperspace. Also I believe the DISPSILH variable can make things look better. Try some of these tips to help your 3D views.


Revit isn't clunky at all, it's just not AutoCAD which is what you're used to. I'll say to not use it unless you're on a project in which the architectural and structural model is designed in Revit. There is really no point in using Revit with 2D AutoCAD/DWG backgrounds. Sounds like you don't have a need for it yet, so my advice would be just to keep an eye out if you feel like the demand is coming. Learning AutoCAD MEP will assist in the transition to Revit as things are noticeably similar.

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