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selecting objects by layer

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Is it possible to select objects by layer using only the command prompt, I know it is possible to select objects by other means but I'm specifically trying to use the command prompt to run a script which will go on to cleanse dxf files. If not, does anyone now of a lisp routine which would enable this to work? Can lisps be called in scripts (have never tried)?

Trying to select objects (blocks) to scale them to their correct size, now I'm sure their are other ways of doing this too but for some reason these particular blocks are "phantom" for want of a better word. And, cant be edited by double clicking them!

The general idea is to cleanse the data as much as possible (set layers, colours etc) with no input from the end users.

Hope the above is clear and thanks in advance for any and all help

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Lisps can be called in scripts. Its a good way of batch processing dwgs.


You dont have many posts really need a sample dwg to see what it is your doing. Sounds like a lisp solution.


"Using command line" you can type lisp directly to the command line, (setq ss (ssget (list ( cons 8 "yourlayername")))) this will make a selection set of the objects you pick but filter out any that are not "yourlayername".


Also "Filter" like ssx you can pick a layer, a quick way use select object then delete all items accept the layer name.

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