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Da Ballz

Working with LIDAR data in Civil 3D 2018

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Da Ballz

I have Lidar data in multiple formats (LAS, DEM, ect)


I have tried to create a surface from DEM (selecting the TIF file) but I get a message saying that the program is unable to read the file.


Currently I am trying to import the rde file into AutoCAD, just to see if I can get anything to load.


Can anyone give me some pointers here? These files are 10g plus, some of them.

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I think in 2018 you may have to load point cloud data into Autodesk ReCap first (not sure on this as there has been some changes since 2017). You should be able to load a LAS file and then make a surface out of it. I’m not sure Civil 3D can read a TIF file like other software such as ArcMap.



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