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Hey guys,


Im having trouble with AutoCAD at the moment. Im using Raster Images in my CAD file that i have in model space, and i was always able to view them with 'High quality geometry' on in the 'Graphics Performance' settings. But today it isn't working, i need to turn it off to view the image. That is fine but not the best, but now my CAD documents have gone all Shiny and looks way weird. I dont know if the PC is dying or if im just unlucky today. Ill added a picture of what im looking at so you can all understand it better.


Thanks in advance for all the help.



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What have you done so far in the way of trouble shooting the problem?


-Did you invoke the REGEN command?


-Did you shut down AutoCAD and restart it?


-Did you shut down your system then boot it back up, followed by restarting AutoCAD?


-Are you experiencing graphics issues in any other program besides AutoCAD?


-Do you have the latest drivers for your video card?


-Have you installed the latest service pack for AutoCAD 2017?

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