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Microstation Tutorial Please...???


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One of our offices in Melbourne used microstation (many years back)...no acad. We had a major flood mitigation job to do here with the Cairns City Council......it was handled out of Melbourne......and they sent to us microstation/acad transfer files (for us to do final checking). You would not believe the problems we had with those transfer files.


So yeah......what I'm saying is that this is an acad forum.....not a microstation forum. The two have not a lot in common. If you want a microstation forum........go to Bentley and ask them to set one up.



As mentioned already. I know that in the middle 1990's the Dept. of Transportation for California used Microstation on all of their plans. I am near to San Bernardino Calif. and worked at a firm who was first permitted to do independant work for the agency. Apparently the State had tested Acad and Micro and went with Micro for it met their immediate needs.


At our business, we got data from the field crews, transferrred it to VL -Vango, then to Autocad (we had five persons doing such) for text etc. then on to the one lone person who was working in M.S. That person made up a floppy disk, mailed it to CALTRANS of San Bernardino each evening, five days per week. They got the disk the very next morning, then someone there transferred the information on to Sacramento via a dedicated line.


It took a week to get an answer to some simple question, and at the time may have been handled faster via a telephone conversation. By that time, I had forgotten what the original question was.


I know that ten years later they had altered the system to "Dual" status, and then could receive information via either path.


And then once a question was answered, we had to go the reverse route and place everything into a format the survey crews could download and understand. At the time it may have seemed tedious, but the survey hardware Mfg'rs were each trying to say they were Number One, and use our software. We went though a different software package every other month.





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I can't begin to tell you the number of clients and employers who are now requiring designers to have a functional knowledge of both platforms. Whether you are in an ACAD house or MS house chances are that you will receive files in the other format at some time and having this proficiency only adds to your marketability. Alot of the new work that will be coming along especially in the U.S. will be infrastructure work handled by the A&E's large and small, and the majority of these use MS. It is not bad to have a preferance but the name of the game is to make a good living and this is a rare instance when you can get on board two trains. Also as stated earlier the latest MS application opens and works all ACAD files in their native mode.

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I have used microsation for 15 years so can more or less drive it blindfolded, I have used autocad for 4 years and found it quite tricky to convert at first but witht the tutorials on youtube and this forum it slowly comes together.

If fact when I now go back to microstation I get fustrated when the escape key won't release my commands.

Its like all software everyone thinks the one they have mastered and are comfortabe with is the best, just try and learn a new command or two each day, its incredible how much you can learn in a short space of time.



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