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How can I import the cut/fill values from excel into AutoCad 2016 dwg

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Hi forum,

I have got as far as obtaining cut/fill values in a column using excel, adjacent to their relevant point coordinates. Now I want to know how I can import the cut/fill value text from excel into AutoCad 2016 dwg, in their relevant positions.

The dwgs and xls files are available for reference, in the google drive using the link below. I want to import the cut/fill value in column F, as text in the as-built dwg.




Google drive link:


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Google Drive tells me that your file is in the trash bin. Could you re-upload it and probably make an example DWG drawing (with a few objects) of the result you're looking for?

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Vittorio: The post you are responding to dates back three months. If the OP did not find a solution to his problem by now I doubt you'll see the example drawing anytime soon.

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