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Here's a Strange One... (Table Tag Height)

Incognito Cube

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Howdy howdy,

Any time I would like to create an EXACT height over the x2.5 that can be selected in the MTEXT Editor dropdown, it gives me the minor annoyance of having to do the process twice. The first time I input my line spacing (With 'exact' selected), apply, and close the dialogue box, the text gets all scrunched up. It will stay like this until I go BACK into the line space dialogue box and input the amount I want again.


Attached are pictures of the described process.








*placed in code wrap to save space due to the amount of pictures

line spacing 1.jpg

line spacing 2.png

line spacing 3.jpg

line spacing 4.jpg

line spacing 4.png

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My MText editor won't let me type a value outside of .0625 and 1. Obviously I can't reproduce your issue.


My guess is that it's applying the spacing at the end of the selection, which somehow recalculates the other paragraphs. Have you tried applying the spacing to one line?

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I have the option of selecting 'Line Spacing' directly from the ruler in the MTEXT editor, and then selecting one of the following: 'x1.0', 'x1.5', 'x2.0', 'x2.5', 'More', and 'Clear line spacing'. The error only occurs when I select 'More' and specify the 'Exact' specification under 'Paragraph Line Spacing'. Unfortunately, applying the spacing to any type of MTEXT will yield the same result if I do the method described above. Even if there is only one line of text. Anything typed onto another line after making the change will then be at a spacing of roughly -4.0 or so.

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