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diesel expression for dynamic level block

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Good morning everyone,



I am currently working on a dynamic block to show the level of a point in a sectional drawing. As you see on the picture, the base of the block is placed on the zero level and the triangle with the value can be moved to any point of the drawing and retrieves the Y-Value of this little yellow circle object representing the level of this point.




What I am trying to do now, is to use a diesel expression to add a "+" for a positive value and a "%%P" for a value of zero. What I have now appears to be working, but does not update dynamically when I move the level-mark. Any ideas on what I have to change or if this is possible at all? Any help appreciated.




Here is the expression I am using now:



$(if,$(EQ,$(=,%%).Center \f "%lu2%pt2%pr2">%,0),1),"%%p",$(if,$(EQ,$(>,%%).Center \f "%lu2%pt2%pr2">%,0),1),"+"," "))%%).Center \f "%lu2%pt2%pr2">%attachment.php?attachmentid=63991&cid=1&stc=1

level dyn block.jpg

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