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cosmetic thread does not work

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I am using a student version of 2017 solidworks and the cosmetic thread tool does not work. I know it is supposed to be toggled on in document properties which I did, and it still does not work. I am unsure whether or not the student version has limitations, maybe that could be it. I have all the parameters filled out properly except the last two which I do not understand.



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I think you need to select the circumferential surface for this feature to work not the edge...........

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actually you can use an edge.


You may find that you cosmetic thread is being added...


check under your feature (e.g. boss) and you may see cosmetic thread - you can just about see it on the screenshot below




also right click on the annotations folder in your feature manager make sure display annotations is ticked, then choose details, a new window will pop up




make sure cosmetic threads and shaded cosmetic threads are both ticked and you should see them


finally make sure hide all isnt switched on..




if you still don't see shaded cosmetic threads, it may be due to your current hardware setup - e.g. not having a supported graphics card can sometimes mean you get odd behaviour



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