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"Continue" an arc from a line or arc that is NOT the last entity

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I can't find a way to draw an arc off the end of a line or arc that is :!: NOT :!: the last entity and have it act as though it was continuing in the normal way, like it does when continuing off the end of the last entity drawn. As in, have it behave like an arc coming off the last entity but select a random different arc in the drawing. I always have to trace the arc or line that I want to continue off of, then use arc continue as normal. Tangent does not work because then you have to pick Center or End and then you're locked into an arc that is not behaving like a continuing arc. I hope this makes sense.

I have a feeling it will be something like a small .lsp or .vlx program that moves the selected entity to the last item in the db dictionary, then I'd still have a 50/50 chance that it would be the correct end of the line or arc that I want.

I know someone here knows how to do this!

Thanks much,

R.L. Hamm

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Are you using the predefined ARC or the "arc" function of a polyline? They are quite different.



In either case AutoCad has no way of knowing where or from which object you want to place another object until you tell it, and there is no CONTINUE function for this . A polyline and a polyline arc do not automatically join to each other if one is a preexisting object whether the preexisting object is the last segment drawn or not.


It would be nice if it worked like dimensions where you simply type CONTINUE and it asks you to select a preexisting dimension to continue from.


The only solution for continuing polylines if one is preexisting is the join command.


AutoCad only continues a polyline (with or without segments of polyline arcs) if you keep it continuous without stopping the command.


My suggestion is to simply start the NEW arc, polyline, or polyline arc at the point you wish, then go back and select the object that you started on, and the NEW object(s) , then use the JOIN command to connect them. The objects will then become a continuous polyline assuming the end points exactly land on top of each other.

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Have a look at the file mentioned in this Bricscad forum discussion.



I don't know if it will work in Autocad but I think it works how you want.





The lisp found there named ArcFollow_03.lsp will not work in AutoCAD, due to the absence of the "Direction" option in the Arc command.

You can only get to the "Direction" option if you specify the Center Point first.


But I suppose it's still possible to do this in AutoCAD, just needs some more code.

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