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Master's thesis research - a Revit add-on for small and medium construction companies


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Good day everyone,
I am hoping to find some practitioners (Site Engineers, Construction Managers, Schedulers, Cost Estimators, BIM coordinators, Consultants, Designers with understanding of the on-site BIM implementation, etc.) working with Revit interested in answering a few questions about what kind of additional functionalities could improve Revit's applicability for Small and Medium Contracting Enterprises (SMCEs), i.e. for small residential projects. My thesis' aim is to create an add-on in Revit's Application Programming Interface (API) (C#) that could provide some value for those companies and make the Revit's users' lives easier.
The tool is intended to be user-friendly and not introducing additional complexity to the works. Even though I have some ideas, a list of functions to implement in the add-on as well as general design have not yet been determined. I worked as a full-time structural designer for 1.5 years, yet I do not have a hands-on experience from the site. It is of crucial importance to me that my add-on will be applicable in real-life situations and that is why I decided to perform interviews with experienced practitioners and later also evaluate the functionality. I will probably do some of them offline, at Aarhus, Denmark, where I study but I also have a feeling that reaching out to a larger audience online could provide additional good results.
So here are the questions - if you do not have an opinion or do not want to share then just avoid the particular question:

  1. What is your companies name and size (employee-wise)?
  2. What is your job position and what are your main responsibilities?
  3. For how long have you been using BIM technologies?
  4. What are you using BIM for in your work?
  5. What kind of software does your company use (BIM or non-BIM)? What is it used for?
  6. In your opinion, what are the main 3 reasons why some of the small and medium contracting companies do not use BIM?
  7. On what kind of projects did you find use of BIM the most beneficial and how did it benefit the project?
  8. Use of which Revit functions is the most beneficial for your projects?
  9. Does your company use add-ons for Revit?
  10. If yes - which ones and what are their pros and cons? If no – why not?
  11. What Revit functions you use are not sufficient / optimally working in your opinion? How could they be improved? What is Revit lacking that could enhance the user’s experience from your perspective?
  12. Do you use any kind of “home-made” supporting tools (add-ons, worksheets, macros, etc.) for your company related to contracting work that improve project’s efficiency? If yes what are they and what is their purpose? If no, would you consider using them?
  13. What to avoid when creating an add-on your company would use?
  14. Any additional suggestions for a Revit add-on designed for an SMCE?

Questions 8 and 11 are of the highest importance for the research. Also please ask if something about any of the questions is unclear. I can revise them. Additionally, I would be happy to start a discussion on the subject.
It is possible that I might want to cite answers from some of you in my report if you will give me the permission of course.
Looking forward to your responses!

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