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What is my mistake.

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In this drawing the angled lines are parallel but when I make them that way it looks wrong (I know I'm missing the holes in both views).

Below I attached my drawing and am hoping you can tell me my errors.





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The three angled lines in the left diagram are indeed parallel, but there is no starting point measured for the center of those 3. You have assumed that the angle of the diagonal in the right hand diagram is the same as those in the left (mirrored) it isn't! The only given is the lower starting point of that diagonal.

If you first construct the front view you can find the correct top starting point for the middle of the 3 left diagonals. And then from there start constructing the auxiliary view of the cut plane.



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Thank you for your help! This is my attempt I think it's okay but I'm not sure. I Think some of the features in my primary auxiliary are wrong.



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