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Have You Tried: Status Bar in AutoCAD

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The status bar in AutoCAD is one of those areas in the application window that everyone uses, but might not fully understand or get the most out of it. For example, did you know it can be customized to hide infrequently used tools and display those tools you might use more frequently?

By default, the status bar is displayed along the bottom of the application window. From the status bar, you can quickly access:

  • Commonly used drafting aids
  • Settings related to the active viewport
  • See the current coordinate value of the crosshairs in the drawing window

You can also control contextual tools like system variable monitoring, external references, CAD standards, and more.

Learn more about how to use and customize the status bar by following the step-by-step examples in the Have You Tried: The Status Bar topic.

AutoCAD status bar

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Any chance Civil 3D users will ever be able to remove "Cut Plane Icon" and "Cut Plane Text" only used in Architecture not Civil 3D from the Status Bar?  It's been a curse for many versions now.  You can turn them off temporarily, but they keep coming back.  Not having anything to do with Civil 3D is probably why we cannot stop it.  Doesn't even show up in Help:

http://help.autodesk.com/view/CIV3D/2020/ENU/?guid=GUID-E3B34B0A-EA98-45E9-937A-BF5FEF4152DB but they are still there.





7. Confirmation pending: As noticed first by @neilyj, the Cut Plane Icon and Cut Plane Text toggles in the status bar do not remember their settings when C3D is closed, regardless of the CUI settings. This started with 2016 and seems to still be happening in 2017. 

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