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Combo Box Poluation


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Hi to all,

it seem very simple but I'm no able to solve this issue:


I want to populate a ComboBox by the data incoming from a multidimensional array (4 columns by n rows) created by results of selecting block attributes inside a drawing.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
Set oBlock = ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.Block
I = 0
ReDim Preserve MyArr(3, I)
MyArr(0, I) = "GS_INTCODE"
MyArr(1, I) = "GS_Origine X"
MyArr(2, I) = "GS_Origine Y"
MyArr(3, I) = "GS_Origine Z"
CercaCodiceGLASS.ListaCodiciGlass.List = MyArr

I = 1
       For ICount = 0 To oBlock.Count - 1
           Set oEnt = oBlock.Item(ICount)
                If TypeOf oEnt Is McadPartReference Then
                    Set oblkRef = oEnt
                    DATA = oblkRef.DATA
                    For IntCode = LBound(DATA) To UBound(DATA)
                        If DATA(IntCode, 0) = "INTERNAL_CODE" Then
                            GS_INTCODE = DATA(IntCode, 1)
                            GS_Origine = oblkRef.Origin
                            ReDim Preserve MyArr(3, I)
                            MyArr(0, I) = GS_INTCODE
                            MyArr(1, I) = GS_Origine(0)
                            MyArr(2, I) = GS_Origine(1)
                            MyArr(3, I) = GS_Origine(2)
                         I = I + 1
                        End If
                    Next IntCode
                 End If
        Next ICount
With ListaCodiciGlass
.List() = MyArr
End With

CercaCodiceGLASS.ListaCodiciGlass.ListIndex = 1
End Sub

CercaCodiceGLASS it's the userformName

ListaCodiciGlass it's the name of combobox to popolate.

Combobox it's composed by four columns.

The result is the polulation of combobox with just few data instead all data inside the array that are hundred (see picuture below)



As second issue I'm not able to insert combobox column header. If you look at the picture seems there is a row header not a columns header.

Thank you everybody for support.



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