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Support File Path appending back-slashes to custom path

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AutoCAD 2018, Windows 10 x64 Enterprise 1803

I have added a custom path in the Support File Search Path to include a specific dwg which contains some custom blocks of mine. When I add the path, everything works as I would expect. When I restart CAD, the path to my dwg automatically updates itself, appending 2 x back-slashes to the end of the path, which means the dwg doesn't get loaded and I can't insert my custom blocks. If I go in and edit the path, removing the two back-slashes, everything works again. This only happens to my custom path, no other support file paths. 




Anyone got any ideas?

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You can use lisp to set support paths, temp directories, template name etc etc. So in relation to the directory not existing this is at top of code I use.


; make temp directory
(if (vl-file-directory-p "C:\\Acadtemp\\")
(Princ "Acadtemp exists")
(vl-mkdir "C:\\AcadTEMP\\")


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12 hours ago, jw24 said:

It isn't at the moment, no


That makes sense, because if a path isn't resolved, it can't become a "Working" path.


There is no chance a startup routine is running to make this change?

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