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Joining two parallel lines with single line


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Hello everyone,

Very new to AutoCad & lisp coding so please forgive my ignorance.

Am looking to join two (regular) parallel lines, end point to end point, with a single perpendicular line. Ideally it would be great if I could just window select the two lines I wanted connected but would settle for manually selecting the two end points.

I know much has been said & done about achieving this with polylines etc but I need my lines to remain as just regular lines.

I did find a lisp routine that came close but it joined the parallel lines with lines at both ends: thus creating a rectangle. Other routines have placed multiple lines between the two parallels creating a train track kind of look.

Again, I apologise as the above mentioned lisps may be quite easy to modify so that only one line is added but that is currently above my pay grade!

Hopefully my request has made sense & someone clever can solve my issue.

Thank-you everyone.


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1 If you know which end you want joined then use LIne ?


2 If your sure it is the end points then can pick the two lines and join "ends" very easy.


3 ---------------->

<------------------ This will draw a diagonal.


4 Pick near end both lines that you want joined fixes problem 3.


5  Want 2, 3 is ok  or 4 ?







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