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Line length controls linetype scale


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Hello again everyone,


Sorry to take advantage of all the talented members here by asking another question so soon but this one's been bugging me for a while.

My firm works exclusively in model space and without any sort of annotation related scaling etc.  On floor plans we use one of the standard ACAD dashed lines to show the lintels over the windows.  We have a linetype and layer (LintelNew) set up to do this.  This linetype basically displays as a long dash, gap, short dash, gap, long dash.  So there's three segments per line.

 Looks sort of like this: (--------    ----     --------).

My issue is that in order to get the dashed line style to look like that, with only three segments showing, I need to change the linetype scale via the properties panel as each lintel is a different length (for different window sizes).  For example, to get that line to show as desired on a short lintel, its linetype scale might need to be .3, where a larger lintel will require .9.

I cannot make any sorts of global changes as it is only these specific lines that need tweaking; they're the only lines where we ever change the scale.  Selecting them one by one and doing it in the properties is a major pain and involves a lot of guessing and checking.

I am wondering if anyone might know of a way where the line length and linetype scale could be related..?  For example, the linetype scale is connected to or driven by the length of the line?  To put it another way, the scale becomes a percentage of the line length.

As I am typing this I'm also realising that I would only ever want this to happen when drawing lintels and on that specific 'lintel' layer.  I dont want that scaling effect in action for every line I draw.

Not sure if this is even possible so please ignore if I'm asking the impossible here.


Thanks for reading everyone.




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3 minutes ago, BIGAL said:


You should have mentioned that you posted at Autodesk/forum as well I wasted some time doing something.

I'm very sorry I didn't do that BIGAL.  I sincerely apologise for wasting your time.

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When creating blocks with linetypes I prefer they look the same no matter what scale is used.  Using LinExp.lsp by Dominic Panholzer for those segments does the trick.


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