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How to animate a 3D mechanism


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Hi all,


I'm hoping somebody could help me with this problem I'm having in the early stages of my design. The idea for the project is to create a mirror which can pivot or rotate back and forth via a handle that the operator moves from a distance, either this or possibly a mirror that they can slide from side to side (kind of like a crank-slider) to view what they need in order to work. I instantly thought of a bus door opening and closing and am working to create a handle like that. I'm struggling to see the motion of this though and figure out if it would move properly. I tried to animate it using techniques I learned from these videos but to no avail. 






https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu6gMPZO86U <--- bus door opening


Can anybody help with animating something in 3D so that I can continue progressing on this project?


Thank you in advance!

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54 minutes ago, steven-g said:

It would help if you told us where you are getting stuck, and post the dwg file you are working on.

No problem, thank you for answering! I'm very new to all of this and everything I know is self-taught so forgive me if I'm not the best at explaining what I'm going for. I made this drawing (attached) as just a visual so the dimensions right now are random and its not perfectly aligned or anything, especially because I've rotated it at a random angle. I'm working on drawing a new one though, but again I'm stuck on trying to animate it and see if it will move appropriately. 

Forum Help Mirror Design.dwg

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Certainly looks feasible with the design you have. I have to say at this point that I use LT so I can't really help with the constraints, but no doubt someone else can, they are going to need to know how things move though. For example the solid to the right of your drawing (blue) pressumably the mirror, would that rotate around the red pin? it doesn't look like a lot of movement and there is no sign of any other fixings or pivot point. And at the other end where is the pivot point for the handle it looks to be located in a semi-circular slot and not using a single pivot point how would any movement be constrained there?

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