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Super weird - Drawing template affects 3D STEP import??

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I got a STEP file of a valve which i import in Autocad 2020. Than i save it as a 3d .dwg (2013) which i can import in Revit 2020 to create a family part.


But i noticed this really weird thing:

The success whether i can import the .dwg into Revit depends on : what .dwt template i used when i imported the STEP in Autocad.


If in Autocad i open a new drawing with "acadiso.dwt" template, and save it as .dwg with the imported valve, Revit won't process it properly:

A lot of surfaces will go missing, it'll be laggy, and throw some error messages.





I tried many settings like save it in .dwg 2018 or change properties of the STEP itself, etc. Sometimes there's a change but its never perfect




But accidentally, i noticed, that if i choose "acad.dwt"  as the template of the new drawing, than the Revit import will work perfect and won't give errors... 




If anyone wants to try:

I have uploaded the empty .dwg files with respective template , and the versions after i imported the STEP into them too(those are the ones i loaded into Revit)


Is it possible to examine the properties of the 2 empty .dwg files and find which setting causes the error?

Or anyone know what and why is happening here?








acad_empty.dwg acad_imported.dwg acadiso_empty.dwg acadiso_imported.dwg Danfoss GBC10_ittjo.STEP

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