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Problem with region

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Hello, i have problem with creating region. In my case i try to create grid region i have 4 polygons and when i select all lines from 3 of them it work perfect but when i try in last polygon something go wrong.

Upload file.


Thank you and Happy Holidays.


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Here Trudy,

I've taken my time to investigate... The problem are lines obtained from hatching - they don't meet at exact the same end points... I've wrote in my past weld2d.lsp for solving this type of problems... The problem is that with this amount of lines it's slow - it took me 15 min. at least to weld lines... Everything else is simple - REGION command, and I assumed you wanted to union all those regions created... So everything worked well with me... I'll attach your DWG mod. by me...


P.S. Look somewhere on the www for (defun c:weld2d - you may find something I posted, although I am not sure that my version was modified since then...


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Thank you marko_ribar i found you lisp, but now i know what is the problem i think to make all lines at Pline and create list from all points and for all equal point will entmod them with one of them.

Its just idea for now but will try and post :)

Thank you again and Happy Holidays.

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