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Table (Tablestyle) modification after the fact? Scriptable? Command Line Options?

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Autocad 2020
Out of the box, to make a change to an existing table / tablestyle (specifically the border line weights/fonts) to BYLAYER
You have to start the TABLESTYLE command,
pick the desired style (we have 12 separate ones)
Pick the Borders tab, pick modify, pick the cell style (3ea), pick the border and assign
the lineweight, linetype and color to ALL BORDERS.
Pick the Text tab and change the font and text height and color.
Change to the next cell style and repeat all those steps again.


I have a directory full of drawings that have screwed up tables and wanted to know if there was an easier way?


Is there a command line option?

Any way to "Save" a table in order to replace one with another?
Can such changes be scripted?


Has anyone seen any autolisp routines for accomplishing such?


Any help/advice is greatly appreciated...


here is an example:



I want it to look more like the one below (without having to jump thru all the hoops to get it this way)

maybe not quite this light but all the lines the same thickness




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Maybe this (vlax-put obj 'StyleName "Standard") need multi tables to test. It may need some other table regen to take affect. It was returning change of style name in a simple test.

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