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Display GPS coordinates in a cad drawing


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Hello everybody,


Currently using Cad 2022 Map 3D,

I have around three to four hundred GPS points for existing poles and probably more coming, I'm looking for a way to display their respective Lat and Long on the model space on Mtext format like the sample below, any help would be greatly appreciated. I know that your time is valuable.

Thank you




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The answer is actually very simple. If you have CIV3D then just make cogo points and use a LAT LONG Label all done.


Maybe this To Set Geographic Location from a Map | AutoCAD 2021 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

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I have 2022 CAd 3D map, and the all of my locations are in the correct Geolocation. 

CAD Map 3d does not have the ability to change to cogo points only civil.



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Maybe start here 


FAQ: How can I see the latitude and longitude of the cursor? | AutoCAD | Autodesk Knowledge Network


Go down also help about set geographic location.

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Thank you for your help, but I maybe not explaining myself correctly. 

I get GPS points from a Trimble system that get converted to CAD, during the process of the gps points they get Geolocated correctly on their corresponding places.

I take does points and place them in the drawing, I'm trying to find a way to display the coordinates in the drawing of each point right next to the point instead of manually entering each number. I'm not just trying to find a way to look up the number, I want to place the coordinates in the drawing just like the image provided.

I don't have Civil3D.

See the attached files, the cad file is how I get the point in the drawing and the template has a geographic location as well, if I didn't the gps point would not land in the correct locations.

Thank you.

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Thank you Bigal, this is good enough.

I won't have to type it just clik.


Thanks for your time really appreciated. 😀


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