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How do I set up trim command


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How do I set up the trim command in Mechanical 2016 so it automatically trim lines rather than have to go into other options. so it is similar to Autocad lite.

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I have never used Mechanical, but this might help you.

Enter SYSVDLG (System Variable Dialog) at the commandline.

Scroll down to any TRIM-prefixed variables and look them over.



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try setting TRIMEXTENDMODE to 1.  That sets the trim default to immediately trim the selected object back to the nearest intersecting object if only one, or to the two nearest intersecting objects if two or more objects cross the selected object.


I think that one came to be in 2018 didn't it?  Not sure.  I know it surprised me a few releases ago when I tried to select an object to trim and it just freakin' trimmed itself.


The releases all started to run together for me more as my retirement day got closer, and as I started to run out of 'youknowhats" to give. 🤣

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I have always used the TRIM commandline default <TRIM ALL>, meaning I hit enter right after starting the TRIM command, which makes it act like that.

Nice that they appear to have defaulted to that behaviour in later versions.  :beer:

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Something to consider when using AutoCAD vertical products like mechanical....


Autodesk may have setup the trim command differently so that it works with the entities created by mechanical.


I'm not saying you shouldn't change it, but you may want to find out how the tool was meant to be used in mechanical, it could save you some clicks down the road.


You can always toggle it back and forth for different tasks.

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