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Looking for help with a setting in dimensions.

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The company I work for has a standard border preset. We (drafters) take them and modify them to add the blocks/notes we use on a daily basis and use our own modified versions to start a drawing with. We found one from a drafter who's no longer with the company and his version is unique. When you grab the grip of a dimension and drag it to the arrow grip, the extension line disappears. In every other border drawing we have if you grab the dimension grip for the extension line and drag it to the arrow grip there is still a small line there.


We can use this other border, but I can't figure out why it's doing that - it would be nice to be able to do that at different times. I'm not extremely savvy with Autocad but I can get around in it. I looked around in his dimstyle settings and didn't see anything different that would do this. The settings in his dimstyles match the ones in our standard border - so it has to be something that isn't shown in those settings. Does anyone know what may make the dimension do this?


For reference I've created a screenshot and dropped it here:  https://imgur.com/a/BOVBUBM

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Welcome to CadTutor Kay_why_Not.  :)


The setting you are looking for is in Dimensions (obviously), on the LINES tab.

If you set that Extend beyond dim lines value to 0, that is exactly what you will get.  ;)







This next screenshot will show you the definition of that System Variable in the System Variable Dialog, a great place to explore when time permits.  SVSVDLG  will get you there, scroll down to an appropriate neck of the woods, and by using your keyboard cursor you can very quickly flip through and try to ascertain, what they do, and which one you want.  I hope that helps...no shortage of stuff to learn there.  :beard:





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