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Search for my PLINE in an XREF with lisp


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Hi, i´m currently using this code to find a specific line on layer B-B-E--2 in my model and then placing it.


  (if (setq EI (ssget "_X"'((0 . "LWPOLYLINE") (8 . "B-B-E--2") (410 . "Model")))) ;EI 15
      (setq co (list (car co) (- (cadr co)6)))
      (setq ip1 (list (car ip1) (- (cadr ip1)6)))
      (setq ip2 (list (car ip2) (- (cadr ip2)6)))

      (setq lip1 (list (-(car co)5) (-(cadr co)1))) ;First insertionpoint PLINE
      (setq lip2 (list (+(car co)7) (-(cadr co)1))) ;Second insertionpoint PLINE
      (command "PLINE" lip1 "L" lip2 "") ;create and insert pline
      (command "CHPROP" "last" "" "LT" "ACAD_ISO02W100" "S" "0.3" "C" "T" "0,191,255" "") ;change props
      (command "-MTEXT" ip1 "H" "1.6" ip2 "Brandcellsgräns EI 15" "")


I want to use the same function to find the same PLINE on the same layer in any type of XREF placed in the model.


Is this possible?


I have read a lot of other treads but I can´t understand them...



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ssget doesn't work on nested entity's you have to step through each xref's entity's one by one. and add them to a list if that match.


This makes a copy of polylines you want and moves them outside the xref.

(defun C:XREFEnts (/ blk NextEnt EntLst Lst)
  (vlax-for blk (vla-get-blocks (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))
    (if (eq (vla-get-isXref blk) :vlax-true)
        (setq blkname (cdr (assoc 2 (entget (vlax-vla-object->ename blk)))))      
        (setq NextEnt (tblobjname "BLOCK" blkname))
        (while (setq NextEnt (entnext NextEnt))
          (setq Ent (entget NextEnt))
          (if (and (wcmatch (cdr (assoc 0 Ent)) "LWPOLYLINE") (wcmatch (cdr (assoc 8 Ent)) (strcat blkname "|B-B-E--2")))
            (setq Lst (cons (cdr (assoc -1 Ent)) Lst))
  (command "_.ncopy" Lst "" "_non" '(0 0) "_non" '(0 0))






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