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Autodesk are not allowing me to use LT 2009 Perpetual license


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I purchased a copy of Autocad LT 2009 software for £1100.  I notice that I can no longer us it as they

require a login online before using it and they will not give the necessary code to enable it to run.

The agreement  was for a perpetual license. What can I do?



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Yeah buying Autocad from someone can be a nightmare, the end user agreement may talk about this basically you buy the company that owns the licence, not just the Autocad.


For that sort of money why did you not buy a up to date clone like Bricscad, Drafsight, Intellicad etc


Did you google it is a question that has been asked before. If you can get your money back do it, that price sounds way to high anyway for a 2009 version, that's like 12 versions old.

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I purchased the software new for £1100 from Autodesk in 2009.  Autodesk introduced the system of online only password access and then

recently removed that service of providing the code. This seems extraordinarily unjust.


It amazes me that Autodesk aren't worried about using such unjust and bullying tactics against people with perpetual licenses.

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Will it run if you stay offline?


I have Acad 2000i on an old Windows 98 machine that never goes near the internet, it runs fine.


BTW - It's perfectly legal for individuals to buy second-hand Autocad here in Europe, and Autodesk have to transfer the (perpetual) licence to the new owner when requested.
(They don't have to upgrade it though, so it always stays at the same version).

EU consumer law says that resale of software and licences is legal, no matter what an EULA says about it.

It goes back to a CJEU ruling against Oracle in 2012: https://www.cadnauseam.com/tag/first-sale-doctrine/

It still applies in the UK, even though we have now left the EU.

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