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Vertical delta dimension

Paul Mc

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Do you want to measure to the nearest vertex of the 3D line, to the nearest point on the line, or to a specific point that depends on something else?


Are these two locations guaranteed to have the same X and Y values, just different Z values?


If I had to do this, I'd set my UCS to XZ or YZ and create a rotated dimension. That might be tricky if there are many points to dimension.


It would help to know more about the line and about your goal.

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A maybe is, if you convert the lines to a surface can get a Z of a point based on surface, using X & Y. So compare 2 points. Needs say CIV3D.


Can be done as a 3dface using math formula much more involved. A point directly above / below a 3dpolyline, need to get which 3dpoly segment matches, can then work out Z value.


It is sounding like multiple points, if only say pick, pick, then Cyberangel solution is way to go. 


Paul Mc please advise lots of points or not, maybe post a sample dwg.

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