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When I have to change the character type


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When I have to change the character type of a sentence, and I go to the list I don't understand how to speed up the search, even if I start at the beginning and write Arial this character is not displayed, I have to scroll the cursor every time. Is there a way to do a search for the desired character faster?

Is it possible to widen the thickness of the cursor to the right because it is hard to select it with the mouse?

Thank you


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Just a guess type your mtext as normal then have a defun and look for the word/s to be changed. The font is set in the defun.


Have an idea but it runs out at about 20 words.



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I don't understand how did you make those function bars appear? Then I didn't understand if you want to tell me that putting Arial in that point becomes a definitive setting of that character?

Do I want to set the Aril character in the favorites to avoid having to search for it continuously with the cursor to the right of the window?

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So you have mtext ? Then you can define a whole sentence as Arial. Or even 1 letter. Just set your style to the saved Arial style and make it current.


A shortcut but style must exist and the name is the same as in the defun. Need to load on start up.

(defun c:Arial ()(setvar 'textstyle "Arial")(command "Mtext"))
(defun c:Aaa ()(setvar 'textstyle "Arial") (command "MTEXT"))


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