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Difficulty in searching for z=0

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It seems that there are many requests for flattening all the z values in a drawing to zero. But there is a problem in searching for previous answers because "z" is too short to be found.


The search term you specified (z=0) is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer.
There may be a loophole in the search criteria, because a lot of coordinate queries involve "x", "y" and "z" (i.e. single characters). Is there any way round this?


There are some very good answers out there, but how to find them :cry:

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Maybe enclosing in quotes? Try "flatten z".


Quote marks are a bit technical, and "flatten" is jargon.


Life is not easy :shock:

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Quote marks are a bit technical...



I am surprised about this - is this really true? 'cause I remember way back when I had my first computer classes that covered how to search on the internet (at age perhaps 14-15) - we learnt about quote-marks and plus-marks and minus-marks... is this really something that is not widely known? I always thought it was just the way you did it...


Oh, and for z non-= 0 - you can also check out this FAQ :thumbsup: (if someone feels like expanding on it, give me a holler)

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I use quotation marks extensively.


I must be revealing my age. They didn't have quote marks with abacuses or slide rules :?

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