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Monthly Traffic

The CADTutor website currently attracts almost half a million unique visitors and serves around 4 million page impressions every month. Current trends indicate that both measures will continue to rise in the future with a doubling of traffic over the next 24 months.

15 Month Traffic Statistics
MonthYearUnique VisitorsTotal VisitsPage Impressions

Traffic Summary

Unique visitors are up 5% on the same quarter last year.
Total visits are up 5% on the same quarter last year.
Page impressions are down 6% on the same quarter last year.

Quantcast Daily People

The graph below shows the number of unique visitors to CADTutor each day. The figures are broken down into visitors from the US and visitors Globally. CADTutor traffic has a strong weekly cycle with the highest traffic during the working week and lowest at the weekends, typical of a professional visitor profile.

Traffic Trend

Despite the global recession and a slowing in the increase of new traffic to the site, the current trend at CADTutor is one of sustained growth.

Findability & SEO

The site homepage currently has a Google PageRank of 5. The site is ranked number one on Google, Yahoo! and Bing for a number of search phrases including "AutoCAD Tutorials". CADTutor has 2 listings in the important DMOZ directory, a group on Facebook, 431 bookmarks, an article on Digg and hundreds on inbound links.

Alexa Rank

CADTutor has been in the top 100,000 websites as ranked by Alexa for some time now. Alexa rank and inbound link statistics are shown below:

Geographic Focus

The site is used by visitors from all over the globe with monthly statistics showing visitors from over 200 countries every month. The Quantcast countries statistics for CADTutor will give you some idea of the range. Also, have a look at the location of the most recent 100 visitors to this site.

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