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Advanced Revit Architecture 2012

by Jay Polding

Video Tutorials

The 12 video tutorials on this page are provided by our friends at Infinite Skills and authored by Jay Polding.

In this Intermediate to Advanced training course for Revit® Architecture 2012, Jay Polding continues where he left off in the previous training course, advancing your knowledge of Revit Architecture. You will apply what you learned in the first training course, and learn advanced techniques while working on a real project throughout this training video.

Right from the beginning, you start setting up your files for working on this project. You quickly move onto working with a CAD survey, and into creating phases, using site tools, linking files, working on walls, floors, stairs, ramps and so much more. As you continue through this video based training course, you will watch Jay teach you how to setup area schedules, work on detailing, and finally, set up your presentation of the completed project, and share it using a walkthrough, and even printing to a PDF.

If you enjoy these sample videos and would like to see more, take a look at the Advanced Revit Architecture 2012 page for more details.

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