Other DHTML Effects

by David Watson

The DHTML Effects on this page should work on most recent browsers. However, total compatibility is only guaranteed with Internet Explorer version 4 and above. Some of the effects won't work with Netscape Navigator browsers.

The text above, "Creating an Image Rollover" uses an On Page Load effect called Elastic and is set to Bottom.

This means that the effect happens only once, when the page first loads.However, if you use the browser Reload button, you can see the effect again.

Click the arrow Click the arrow

Now try clicking on the two arrow images above and see what happens. The arrows have an On Click effect called Fly Out and the setting is used to set the direction.

Move your mouse over me

The text hyperlink above has an On Mouse Over effect called Formatting and the setting can be used to change any of the normal font formatting options. In this case, only the colour has been set to change. You can use this hyperlink to get back to the main Rollover Tutorial page.

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