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Image of the Week

Each week we publish an image created by one of our forum members. Some of the images are done for work and some just for fun. All the images demonstrate a high level of creativity. The idea is to illustrate the potential of the software used and to give beginners something to aspire to.

If you'd like to submit an image for inclusion, you'll need to be a member of our forum. If you are already a member, just start a new thread in the Showcase forum and attach your image.

This week's image

This week's image by herdy1212

Software used: 3ds Max

This week's image is by herdy1212

Last week's image

Last week's image by Dorian

Software used: AutoCAD 2008

Last week's image was by Dorian

Image of the Week - 2 weeks ago

Image of the Week - 2 weeks ago by helraiser81

Software used: 3ds Max and V-Ray

Image of the Week - 2 weeks ago was by helraiser81

Image of the Week - 3 weeks ago

Image of the Week - 3 weeks ago by papagyi

Software used: 3ds Max and V-Ray

Image of the Week - 3 weeks ago was by papagyi

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