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25th April to 1st May 2016

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Michael’s Corner - April/May 2016


Another Spring, another AutoCAD. Yep, AutoCAD 2017 is with us and I'm guessing many of you will have downloaded and installed it by now. The big surprise for me is that the DWG file format has remained unchanged and that might be an indication that this is really a “point” release with most of the changes being incremental improvements on what is already in AutoCAD. Of course, it's great that our 2D and 3D geometry looks better and that graphics performance is improved but there aren't that many headline-grabbing features this time round.

However, there is one key new feature and that's the ability to import PDF files. Don't confuse this with PDF overlays, AutoCAD can now create drawing objects (lines etc.) from PDF files. Naturally, Michael's main article this month covers this great new feature and demonstrates some of the options included.

In other articles, Michael takes a look at the often overlooked Copy Nested command from Express Tools, gives some sound advice on the use of Wipeouts and reminds us how easy it is to create irregularly shaped viewports.

We'll be back in June with more help and advice. Oh, and just as a matter of interest, do you prefer the Dark color scheme or the Light color scheme? Just askin'.

Video Tutorials

We've added a new Video Tutorials section to CADTutor! Some of our users have asked for video tutorials in addition to the text-based tutorials already on the site. Check them out and let us know what you think. Also, for those of you who prefer to watch your online video at YouTube, why not visit the CADTutor YouTube channel?

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