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1st to 7th February 2016

This week's image is by boofredlay
Software used: SketchUp and Twilight Render

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Michael’s Corner - December/January 2016

Automate it!

It's that time of year when I'm not exactly sure what day of the week it is. The Christmas and New Year period is often a blur of food, family and friends (in a good way) but it highlights the the simple order that work brings to our lives and how that changes when we take a break. Not that I'm yearning for work right now — I'm actually enjoying the fact that it doesn't really matter whether today is a Monday or a Wednesday — that's what R'n'R is all about, right?

Inevitably though, we have to return to work at some point and in this month's Corner, Michael Beall demonstrates how to bring more order, fluency and efficiency to the work you do with AutoCAD in 2016. In the usual format of four short articles, Michael shows us how to improve access to the Select Similar settings, how to improve efficiency with layer states, how to find Ground Shadows and how to add the option to the Quick Access Toolbar and for beginners (or anyone else who didn't know), how to reset a dimension default value. Don't ever let it be said that we sell you short!

It only remains for me to say that I hope you've had a successful 2015 and that 2016 is even more successful for you. I'd also like to thank Michael Beall for yet another year (13, count them!) of excellent articles for Michael's Corner.

Enjoy your New Year celebrations and renewed vigour when you return to work.

Video Tutorials

We've added a new Video Tutorials section to CADTutor! Some of our users have asked for video tutorials in addition to the text-based tutorials already on the site. Check them out and let us know what you think. Also, for those of you who prefer to watch your online video at YouTube, why not visit the CADTutor YouTube channel?

Tutorials of the Moment

The most recently viewed tutorials

Basic 3D and Surface Modelling

Basic 3D and Surface Modelling | AutoCADAlthough AutoCAD has a number of commands for creating special 3D objects, a lot can be achieved by changing the properties of basic 2D objects like polylines. This tutorial provides a basic introduction to creating and viewing 3D objects.


Using Co-ordinates

Using Co-ordinates | AutoCADAll about the use of co-ordinates in AutoCAD.

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Object Snap

Object Snap | AutoCADA tutorial giving an overview of all the AutoCAD object snaps (osnaps) with some worked examples. The tutorial also covers the use of temporary tracking points and object snap tracking.


Learning Autodesk AutoCAD 2014

Learning Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 | AutoCADIn this AutoCAD 2014 training course from expert author Brian Benton, you will learn the basics of using the tools and techniques available to you in this CAD software program.

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Tip of the Day

Who is using that file?

If you are unable to open a drawing for editing (read-only) because it is in use, and want to find out who has it open, start a new drawing, or go to a drawing you have open and type WHOHAS at the command line. Browse to the drawing file using the file dialog box and double-click the filename (or select the file and click the Open button). A small message box will appear, showing who is using the file, the name of their PC and when it was opened.

File open information

Today's tip is by LElkins

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