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Michael BeallMichael's Corner is a monthly publication written by Michael E. Beall, Autodesk Authorized Author and peripatetic AutoCAD trainer. Michael travels all over the USA, bringing his fantastic experience and great understanding of AutoCAD to his clients. Michael's Corner brings together many of the tips, tricks and methods developed during these training sessions for the benefit of all users.

Michael's Corner provides something for every AutoCAD user. Every month, a number of articles cover a wide range of topics, suitable for users at all levels, including "The Basics" for those just starting out. Essentially, the aim of Michael's Corner is to help all AutoCAD users work smarter and faster.


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This month…

August - Settings and Switches

It looks like the insights I have this time are Behind-the-Scenes / Under-the-Hood kinda things. Tinkering with the mechanics of what makes this squirrely software tick. One of them came from one of the AutoCAD users in the Facilities Department at Facebook, and the rest were the result of my own discoveries or what I saw in my customers' drawings.

On deck this time you'll learn…

…What the AutoCAD 2016 Variable Monitor can do for you
…How to switch the case in text objects
…The trick to suppressing that logo (Heart valve? Hotel in Dubai?) when you launch AutoCAD
…Why you should avoid using the Standard text and dimension styles

Hope you've had a delightful summer!

This month's articles

The A2016 Variable Monitor
The /nologo Switch
Avoid Using ‘Standard’ in Text & Dimension Styles

From the Vault

Originally published April 2012

Add an Arc to a Polyline

AutoCAD 2011 introduced the 'multi-function' grip; a concept that was applied to the standard square grip, as well as the dot-grip for hatches, and the rectangular multi-function grip located at the mid-point of polylines. Now when you hover in any type of grip, you get a shortcut menu.


Let's say you have drawn a polyline around a room so you can calculate the area, but the polyline went straight through a circular column… and now you want to make the polyline follow the arc of the column.

How to Add an Arc to a Polyline

  1. Add VertexSelect the polyline to display the grips.

  2. Hover in the multi-function grip at the midpoint, then click Add Vertex.

  3. IntersectionUse Intersection snap and add a vertex at one of the polyline/circle intersections. Repeat the process for the other side of the circle so you now have a vertex on both sides of the circle.

    Quick selection of object snapsNote: To quickly access the Intersection snap, use Shift + Right-click to open the object snap shortcut menu, then click Intersection. I typically set my Osnap to Endpoint and Node, then use this method if I need any other object snap for a single shot.

  4. Click the polyline again, hover in the grip in the middle of the circle, then click Convert to Arc.

  5. NearestUse Shift + Right-click, then the Nearest option and click on the circle to complete the process!

The result is an arc segment within your polyline.


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