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Michael BeallMichael's Corner is a monthly publication written by Michael E. Beall, Autodesk Authorized Author and peripatetic AutoCAD trainer. Michael travels all over the USA, bringing his fantastic experience and great understanding of AutoCAD to his clients. Michael's Corner brings together many of the tips, tricks and methods developed during these training sessions for the benefit of all users.

Michael's Corner provides something for every AutoCAD user. Every month, a number of articles cover a wide range of topics, suitable for users at all levels, including "The Basics" for those just starting out. Essentially, the aim of Michael's Corner is to help all AutoCAD users work smarter and faster.


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This month…

June - Once Upon a Time

The Explode buttonMaybe it's because I'm just older (old!?), but I sure do miss the dynamite on the Explode button. Oh, wait here it is now! Really?

While Autodesk keeps putting new stuff in, I just want to make sure you know how to use the old stuff as efficiently as possible before moving on. To that end, I have a rather eclectic collection of customization bits that can be applied to all currently supported versions of AutoCAD. (How was that for being vaguely specific on where this tricks will work!?)

…Tweaking the Double Click Action to launch the earlier Edit Attributes dialog box.
…Putting the dynamite .BMP back on the Explode button.
…Viewing the Properties of the current Workspace.
…Modifying the plot scale list displayed when choosing a plot scale for a viewport.

When it's all said & done, however, it's all about economy of movement, productivity… and going home a wee bit sooner.

Hope you enjoy these!

This month's articles

Set ATTEDIT as the Double-Click
Original Explode Button
Properties of the Workspace in the CUI
Shorten the Plot Scales List in a Viewport

From the Vault

Originally published March 2003

Midpoint between Your Choice

The Geometry Calculator has been around since R13 and has the automated feature, MEE, which enables you to find the midpoint between the two endpoints that you specify (see my web site for more on that). But what if you want to find the midpoint between two quadrants or between a quadrant and an endpoint? Then you'll have to write your own routine. Thankfully, it's not that hard.

Premise: You need to begin a new line midway between the midpoint of a line and the quadrant of a circle.

Initial Geometry

  1. Launch the Line command, then enter 'CAL at the prompt for the first point. This nested request launches the Geometry Calculator.
  2. At the prompt for "Expression", enter (mid+qua)/2. This effectively requests that you be prompted to select the objects for a midpoint and a quadrant, then divide that distance in half and place the first point of the line at that calculated location.
  3. You will get the following prompts based upon your request. Please note that you need not use the requisite object snaps, AutoCAD takes care of that:

>>Select entity for MID snap
>>Select entity for QUA snap

Point Found

  1. After you have picked those two points, AutoCAD places the first point of the line at the calculated location and off you go!

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