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Michael BeallMichael's Corner is a monthly publication written by Michael E. Beall, Autodesk Authorized Author and peripatetic AutoCAD trainer. Michael travels all over the USA, bringing his fantastic experience and great understanding of AutoCAD to his clients. Michael's Corner brings together many of the tips, tricks and methods developed during these training sessions for the benefit of all users.

Michael's Corner provides something for every AutoCAD user. Every month, a number of articles cover a wide range of topics, suitable for users at all levels, including "The Basics" for those just starting out. Essentially, the aim of Michael's Corner is to help all AutoCAD users work smarter and faster.


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This month…

October - Inside Some A2015 Updates

Michael with students in Manila

At this writing, I have just returned from training this amazing group of AutoCAD users in Manila! They were very receptive and gracious to all I had to share with them, and I loved every minute! Through the efforts of my longtime customer, One Workplace, I thoroughly enjoyed an unforgettable training session with ProView Studio. You guys rock!! WootWoot!

If you are a current user of AutoCAD 2015, you have probably encountered at least a couple of the topics I have here. If you're not there yet, there may be something in here that will get you excited about upgrading. As I have been training this version over the last couple months, here are a few things I kept track of that I wanted to pass along…

…The new Text Align command—very nice.
…Insights into the new Block ‘Ribbon Gallery’—expanding upon an existing theme
…Quick View Layouts on the File tabs—and where you can find Quick View Drawings
…The new Cursor Badges—Yes or No

Also, if you haven't gotten it yet, Service Pack 2 is available and was released in mid-September. The best part of this update is we, once again, have the ability to copy a layout tab, by clicking and dragging and holding down the Ctrl key to make a copy!!

Autodesk University SpeakerMy Autodesk University Hands-on Lab, Click My Ride: Customizing AutoCAD for How You Work is being repeated!! I know there are many who were hoping this would happen (including ME!), so check the AU website——where you can sign up for class (AC8277-L) which is the repeat date of Wednesday, Dec 3rd at 2:45pm (it's a 75 minute lab). Please come up and say ‘Hello’… and sit on the front row! (I like to have my friends close when I do these big events).

Keep up the good work!

This month's articles

The A2015 Text Align Command
The Block ‘Ribbon Gallery’
Drawing Tabs = Quick View Layout
‘Sign Language’

From the Vault

Originally published January 2012

Autodesk Exchange Apps for AutoCAD

ExchangeOne of the more fun seminars at Autodesk University last year presented some Apps that are available through Autodesk Exchange, a little-known community that can be launched within AutoCAD 2012.

There are dozens of applications available through Exchange, some of which have a fee, but there are several that are Free. You will need to have an AutoCAD Exchange account (typically the account used when installing AutoCAD).


Note: After installing a downloaded app, your workspace will need to be refreshed. That said, it would be a really good idea to save your workspace prior to the following procedure.

How to Find the Clipboard Manager App from Autodesk Exchange

  1. Clipboard ManagerFrom within AutoCAD 2012, click the "X" (Exchange link) on the title bar.

  2. When Autodesk Exchange opens, click the Apps link.

  3. Use Search and enter "Clipboard".

    Clipboard Manager description:
    The Clipboard Manager plug-in can be used with AutoCAD to manage multiple clipboard entries, storing and renaming them for later use. It's great for moving different sets of content between various open drawings or for creating repeated copies of geometry without using blocks. This plug-in was first published as an ADN Plug-in of the Month:

  4. Click the link to go to the Download site. You also have a link to the Help information, too.

  5. New app on the RibbonAfter signing in to your Autodesk Exchange account, you will then get the Terms of Use/End User License Agreement screen. Check the boxes to "Agree", then click Install | Free.

  6. After the download, you will probably need to refresh your workspace.

  7. Now click on the Plug-ins tab of the Ribbon to display your recent acquisition!

Clipboard Manager in action

Note: Curiously, the Apps link is only available if you launch Exchange from the icon on the title bar of AutoCAD 2012.

Some of the other apps that I made a note about during that seminar include: Zoom All Layouts, Offset In Xref, Order By Layer (for arranging your display), Block Masker (creates a Wipeout object the shape of the block), Quick Note, and Minesweeper (seriously).

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