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Michael BeallMichael's Corner is a monthly publication written by Michael E. Beall, Autodesk Authorized Author and peripatetic AutoCAD trainer. Michael travels all over the USA, bringing his fantastic experience and great understanding of AutoCAD to his clients. Michael's Corner brings together many of the tips, tricks and methods developed during these training sessions for the benefit of all users.

Michael's Corner provides something for every AutoCAD user. Every month, a number of articles cover a wide range of topics, suitable for users at all levels, including "The Basics" for those just starting out. Essentially, the aim of Michael's Corner is to help all AutoCAD users work smarter and faster.


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This month…

August - Quick and Easy Customizing

CAD Trainer Guy coming to Manila!

If you would be interested in some onsite, hands-on, AutoCAD training, please contact me directly for more information about my upcoming visit. I will be in the Philippines on October 1 & 2 [W/Th]. You can also check out my Training Menu at my website.

One of my new-to-AutoCAD students nailed it this week, "I now realize just how much you can do with AutoCAD!" What's even more exciting is the relatively easy customization you can do if you know where to look… so here are a few places to turn your attention!

…Add a System variable to a Field on your Layout tab
…Assign an object snap to a Function key
…Display a toolbar in the Ribbon workspace of AutoCAD 2015
…Use the Copy option when you Rotate objects

I hope you have all had a grand summer. The highlight of ours was our son Joshua's graduation [BFA, Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from the Art Institute in Cincinnati], so if anyone works where you could use a Production Assistant, please let me/him know!

Keep up the good work!

This month's articles

The CTAB System Variable in a Field
Add an Object Snap to a Function Key
Add a Toolbar to AutoCAD 2015
Rotate with the Copy Option

From the Vault

Originally published August 2011

Add a Dimension to the Combo Drop-down on the Home Tab

RibbonAs Autodesk developed the Ribbon, they clearly had to make some judgment calls on which commands would get preferential treatment. On the Home tab, Annotation panel, there's something called a Ribbon Combo Box that contains several dimensioning commands.

Here's how to add the ones that you like.

Note: Since the Ribbon condition is Workspace-specific, save any changes you have made recently to your Workspace before beginning this exercise.

How to Add a Dimension to the Ribbon Combo Box

  1. CUI PanelsType CUI to open the Customize User Interface.

  2. Expand Ribbon, then expand Panels, to display the list of all the panels on the Ribbon.

  3. Home 2D

    Expand Home 2D — Annotation, then expand Row 3 to display the content of the panel containing the Dimension-related features.

  4. Click Ribbon Combo Box — Dimension Style to display the content of that node in the Panel Preview area.

  5. Panel Preview

    In the Panel Preview area, click Linear. This will automatically cause the CUI to expand the Dimension Drop-down node under the Panels.

  6. Drag and drop

    Under the Command list, find your preferred dimension routine — I'll be getting Dimension, Continue — then drag and drop it into the Dimension Drop-down list of commands.

  7. When you're finished organizing that listing, click OK to close the CUI and apply your edits.

Drop-down node

Now check out the Dimension drop-down node on the Ribbon to see the result!

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