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20th Oct 2008, 10:41 am
we have 3 new computers running on Vista, all networked through one of the machines. These all plot to an HP Designjet A1 plotter, via the one machine.
The machine that is connected directly to the plotter works fine, but the other two are really slow to plot. When selecting page set up manager or plot on the drop down menus, it takes almost a minute for each to appear on the screen. It does eventually come up & you are able to plot eventually, but it takes a lot lot longer than on our old XP machines.
what is wrong ??

20th Oct 2008, 01:01 pm
I'm sorry but i can't say that I know of any reason
why this is happening.

But please don't double post, I noticed you have posted
This exact same question in "drawing management and output"
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i have on occasion had to be reminded not to do this myself,
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