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  2. So this will get the text written in the rectangles, assuming they are polylines. Largely untested though, it is Sunday. See the 'princ' at the end for where the text is. After that you could modify Lee Macs LISP to add these names in, good luck to that, I have never been very successful in working out how he does things. (defun c:txtinrect( / mytext myrectss acount) https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/visual-lisp-autolisp-and-general/get-xy-coordinates-of-2d-rectangle-lwpolyline/td-p/846832 (defun massoc (key alist / x nlist) (foreach x alist (if (eq key (car x
  3. Then include a horizontal stretch for precise distance control.
  4. Hi, I've created a dynamic block that changes size based on a property table. My problem is that I cannot keep the table grip in the center of the block after I select one of the possible block editing choices. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance dynamic block problem with grip position.dwg
  5. Maybe you could also add fields related to the areas of the polylines to the table boxes, right?
  6. Hi Ish , If you would upload the sample.dwg , no doubt would come.
  7. Every plot have close polyline ( boundary).
  8. pmxcad

    Need help with dcl

    Yes please.
  9. One question: where is the area derived from?
  10. Hi guys! Please help me with a small issue. I have a request to dimension this kind of objects. There are hundreds of files like this with one object per file. My issue occurs when dimensioning objects with huge differences between. Ones have 500-600mm, others can have 12000mm. Because having the same dimension text height everywhere, text will become extremely small comparing to the object length, thus becoming unclear. I want to avoid always change dimensions style and i'm wondering if there's a routine that can, in principle, search for string "TOTAL LENGTH:XXX" and
  11. not my field of expertise but maybe Tharwat can help you with this : https://autolispprograms.wordpress.com/
  12. The information is a little vague, what would you need? A lisp that does what precisely?
  13. I used but not fullfil my requirements. It is providing only area , I need also plot number text.
  14. Hi to all. I really appreciate the content of this page and so I wanted to ask if anyone has any idea how we could use AutoLISP to design a water supply and sewerage system in our floor plan. Thanks in advance.
  15. But sir I need plot number also, According leemac only area is coming.and I think we have to pick or select one by one also. I need plot number text and area of that plot.
  16. lamensterms

    Load a LISP Routine Only on Session Start

    Hi Steven, Dadgad & Tombu, Oh, right you are! I had found that using SETQ would only save the string in the current DWG. This would cause my 'AECCORELOAD' command to run each time I open a drawing - which I am hoping to avoid. Do you know of any other way to save a user variable for the current session? In the meantime I can use Tombu's solution (though I haven't tested yet). I too am very fond of SYSVDLG, use it regularly to read up on SYSVARs, but to my mild shame I haven't taken the time to commit much of it to memory! Maybe on a quiet Sunday afternoon or 2
  17. dear Ish, I think you will be satisfied with our master lee mac program. http://www.lee-mac.com/arealabel.html
  18. Dear members, Any lisp program or trick to make a area table From a plan. I want a area table with plot number text along with area . I will select all at time, the automatically generate area table. Please See the attached image.
  19. hosneyalaa

    Station equation Civil 3D

  20. hosneyalaa

    Station equation Civil 3D

    CHECK THIS civil-3d-customization
  21. Hello, I want to get information from Station equation of a 3d civil alignment, the progressive view back and forth, I was looking for information in the forums but I did not find results
  22. Yesterday
  23. imoutsourced

    rebuild sketch and it flips HELP

    rebuild sketch and it flips HELP Hi Could anybody please help me with this. When I edit the global variables to change the parameters the sketch flips itself on the horizontal plane, but dosent flip the whole sketch. It dosent seem to do this when i am editing the sketch itself. If anyone wants to look at the file and some screenshots its in my google drive here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qzWiHj7ejl6IBK7lpF48JSIMsT7AfqPQ?usp=sharing Please help. Thankyou
  24. @eldon I just tried your last tip. It works just fine. Thanks for sharing.
  25. Yes, Polar Tracking does have its limitations. But as you seemed prepared to move a line after drawing it, you could construct the line (I favour the object snap Nearest) and then move the line to the desired position. There is always the option to offset the line, then draw the line from the node or intersection to the perpendicular of the offset line. So many different ways to do it!
  26. rlx

    Need help with dcl

    Have done a little rewrite. At this time routine does little more than let you select a camera and display its info if it can. It's only meant to show you how to store some of the data in variables rather than a big list. (defun c:PmxCam ( / old-err done dialog cam-block inp sel ent el dcl-fn camera-name lens-list mount-list house-list cable-list osb-list i-lens i-mount i-housing i-cable i-osb) ;;; init (setq old-err *error* *error* camera_err) (setq done nil dialog nil cam-block nil) (princ "\nSelect camera or press space for men
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