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  2. Have you ever wanted to create a new drawing and have all your text styles, dimension styles, layers, units, and other drawing settings already setup and ready to go? Templates in AutoCAD can help with that. Using templates is the most efficient way to create a new drawing. In this Have You Tried, we’ll go over: What can be saved in a template Using existing templates Opening and saving a template Changing the default template for a new drawing Editing and testing template Importing styles and layers from DesignCenter Learn more about how templates can improve your productivity and enforce drawing standards with step-by-step examples in the Have You Tried: Working With Templates topic. Keep the Feedback Coming Thanks for all the great feedback submitted so far. Because of the great feedback, we have been able to improve the topics in the AutoCAD Online Help system. Updated Help Topics contains a list of the most recently updated topics. The best way to submit feedback is by using the “Was this helpful?” section located at the bottom of every Help topic. Let us know what you like or don’t like about a topic or provide suggestions for other subjects that you’d like to see covered in greater detail. The more specific your comments, the better. The post Have You Tried: Working With Templates in AutoCAD appeared first on AutoCAD Blog. View the full article
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  4. f700es

    License Subscription Costs

    $1,268/yr for FULL AutoCAD is not really a lot of money ($106/month) and LT is $315/yr. NanoCAD free is always an option.
  5. RobDraw

    License Subscription Costs

    They do offer a couple of viable options. AutoCAD LT and monthly subscription.
  6. I've made a generic model, but I struggle with the visibility. If I use the Coordination, Architectural, and Structural discipline it works great, but I would like it to display some sort of render/color also when I use "Mechanical" discipline. Any idea on how this can be achieved?
  7. Stef71

    License Subscription Costs

    Many compagnies are leaving the drawing stuff to architects and started scribbling on the pdf's instead. The full Autodesk pack is way too much if you only have to do minor changes in Autocad now and then and they don't offer a decent other option for that. I'm not sure this is such a good move by Autodesk but time will tell
  8. Like I said earlier, the above is all you're getting from me. It's not that hard to get those (if you actually know how to code). Why don't you give it a shot first before demanding others for answers? This is a forum where you seek help when you're stuck, not where you seek for free codes specifically for you. All others, if you think I'm wrong by any means, please correct me (or feel free to ban me even... pleasure serving with CADTutor!)
  9. Its good Thank you for your support.
  10. Sir , this working very nice for me. But still TL - tangent length E - external distance M - mid ordinate and Angle . Value is missing, please add these also sir. Thanks
  11. The Lisp now runs like this: select --> [4A/6D/2S/8W]to move ---> [4A/6D/2S/8W]to move ---> ... ---> [ENTER/SPACEBAR to] exit. How to change to like this : Select ---> move ---> select another ---> move another ---> ..... ---> [ENTER/SPACEBAR to] exit.
  12. Great, thanks for advising. Yes, it is a color related question, I was looking to have the first 10 as contrasting (Blue, Red, Green, Magenta, etc). I should have mentioned "as viewed in the AutoCAD Color Index and as viewed in the Drawing as well". But it looks like this is not possible. STB method is not suitable for my purpose. What do you mean by: Is this done in the Plot Styles Table Editor or the AutoCAD Color Index attached above?
  13. I'm not sure this is possible. But, Personally, I would avoid doing this. For a variety of reasons.. But, mainly, if a client requires a specific CTB for a project, the lineweights would be jacked in the final product. Internally, you could get around this by using layer dependent plot styles or STB but the moment a client would require a specific CTB be used you would have to then revert back to the standard ACI which would still make changing anything moot. If you are looking for a specific color/shade I recommend using a true color variant and edit the shading as needed. It sounds like your question is a color related question to autocad, specifically, not anything involving lineweights. But your lineweights would still be affected in the long run and cause potential headaches moving forward. -ChriS
  14. OK thanks but what is the way to change the colors as seen in the Index. Not to change in the Plot Styles Table Editor, but to change the Index color, as seen in attached.
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  16. You can have as many ctb as you want we had like 4 daily, that we would use thick, thin, BW and Colour. Plus the consultants provided ctb. The only difference for us was we set that 1st 9 pens to black and ISO pen sizes, the rest were colour. Just had a quick look and have 66 ctb's all different names collected over the years need to erase most now. The other thing is we had menu options for plotting so would select correct printer and ctb to be used.
  17. I think at least FULL AutoCAD would be an immense improvement. Even better, a newer version than 2016. The new toolsets are pretty good at certain things as well. Of coarse, then you might as well get Inventor or Solidworks. +1 on "What exactly is it that you are modeling?"
  18. What exactly is it that you are modeling?
  19. alanjt

    Leaders with autonumbering

    I posted an incremental mleader one several years ago. It's up to you to create the mleader style.
  20. Seven specialized toolsets included with your AutoCAD subscription offer a world of time savings and new ways to automate your work. Recent studies show an average productivity gain of up to 63% for AutoCAD tasks completed with the help of a specialized toolset. The opportunities to take advantage of the specialized toolsets are pretty incredible. Did you know the Electrical toolset comes with more than 2,000 standards-based schematic symbols along with a simple pick-and-place workflow? And you can access thousands of predefined building objects—such as windows, doors, wall styles, beams, and more—with the Architecture toolset? That’s just the beginning of what awaits when you use any of the seven specialized toolsets for architecture, raster design, MEP, electrical, mechanical, and more. Be sure to check out the upcoming webinar series and register to learn more! Webinar: Architecture, Raster Design and MEP toolsets December 3, 2020 5 p.m. CET | 4 p.m. GMT | 11 a.m. EST | 8 a.m. PST During this webinar you will learn: Developing an architectural project structure Adding levels to your architectural design Using Content Libraries (MvBlocks) to add architectural content Digitizing raster content for use in a project Developing HVAC content in a project (MvParts) Webinar: Electrical toolset December 16, 2020 5 p.m. CET | 4 p.m. GMT | 11 a.m. EST | 8 a.m. PST Join us to learn about the advantages of using the electrical toolset: Comprehensive symbol libraries Automatic wire numbering and tagging, with automatic error checking Electrical-specific drafting features Automatic PLC/IO drawing creation from spreadsheets Tracking electrical drawing changes Project drawing re-use Webinar: Mechanical toolset January, 21, 2021 5 p.m. CET | 4 p.m. GMT | 11 a.m. EST | 8 a.m. PST Gain insight into the benefits of the mechanical toolset including: Detailing and optimization of designs Calculating forces in a mechanism Creating views of a mechanical design Adding standard screws and holes Inserting balloons and parts lists (BOM) Previously recorded webinar sessions on the AutoCAD web app and the differences between using and AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are also available for download. The post Free Webinars to Learn About Specialized Toolsets appeared first on AutoCAD Blog. View the full article
  21. ^ This ^ Autocad 3D IS a pain. If you can use a different program, that's really the best advice I could offer. But if you have to use Autocad, just practice a lot, and understand that it's not going to be as easy as it is in other programs.
  22. Honestly if you are used to using Creo and Solidworks you should be using Fusion 360. Is work making you use AutoCAD?
  23. Working on a project involves extensive 3D modeling and constant design changes. I have used Creo and Solid Works in the past and was wicked easy, but using AutoCAD is the biggest pain. What are some tips and processes you use to make modeling in 3D with AutoCAD easier.
  24. ReMark

    AutoCAD Practice for Beginners.

    Honesty is always the best policy. Tell the employer you have limited experience with AutoCAD but that you have confidence you can get up to speed quickly. Ask for an agreed upon trial period in which to prove yourself. You should also emphasis your experience in reading and understanding PFD's and P&ID's. The employer will appreciate your honesty. In the meantime, practice, practice, practice.
  25. I tried to create the iso concrete hatch (metric) by multiplying relevant numbers by 25.4, but the result did not look good at high coordinates. One of these days I will go through the exercise from basics, but do not hold your breath!
  26. I am going into my last year of ChemE, and I have an opportunity to get some experience doing some basic editing and plotting in AutoCAD for a wastewater plant. I have taken a pretty strong interest in this field in the past couple semesters, so I am very excited. The only problem however is that my AutoCAD experience is very limited. in my coursework I certainly have experience with reading PFDs and P&IDs, but I am worried my abilities to use the package. I am not afraid to learn - I believe I have the resources and the aptitude - however im worried about the ethics of telling said employer that I am comfortable with AutoCAD. So my question is, to those in civil/water resources should I be confident in myself in being able to learn the packages quickly? the employer is someone who I do not want to burn a bridge with. Thanks in advance.
  27. It appears that printing via .ctb method is based on the Index colors from 1 to 255 or 256. Is there a way of actually changing these colors? As seen in Index. I know they can be changed when modifying the .ctb file but the Index color remains the same. Where I'm coming from is that, if I reserve the first 10 to allow for color printing, and the rest to print in black, then I know and can remember this ... otherwise I have to go back and check which Index will actually print in color.
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  29. The 0 or 1 is common in a lot of commands its equal to on or off.
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